Massage Service

Therapeutic Therapy

Use of organic blend of essential oils to bring release and eliminating toxins. Lighter modalities to bring circulation to healing effect. Helps to rejuvenate, restore and increase of blood flow.

Sports Therapy/Deep Tissue

Focus on manipulation of both superficial & deeper layer of muscle work. Individuals who are experiencing aching muscles & tension in specific area and need deeper tissue work should request this massage.

Holistic Therapy

Combination of modalities used to heal and release toxins for body work. Modalities include Lymphatic Drainage, kneading, acupressure points are used. Balancing inner energy to restore mind & body.

Combination Therapy

Treatment designed to utilize combination of modalities from light to medium pressure used. Designed to sooth tired muscles and tension to restore and rejuvenate. Includes stretches to release in areas that’s needed.

Neck & Back

Stress and tension around the neck, back, and shoulder area. Tension in upper trapezius, deltoids, and lower back pain.

Specialty Massage

Lymphatic drainage

Use of gentle techniques to increase lymphatic flow with rhythmic strokes & movements to stimulate lymph vessels. Allows waste products, excess fluids to be eliminated.

Prenatal Therapy

Tailored for expectant mother to be relief for discomfort during physical changes during pregnancy. Soft tissue work to eliminate neck & back. Balancing the emotional state to release the tension for the body for healing.

Lomi-Lomi Therapy

Hawaiian Therapy heals & releases blockage of energy flow; gentle, rhythmic movements to stimulate blood and lymph flow eliminates toxins and releases tension in tight muscles.

Bamboo Fusion Massage

Treatment utilizing warm Bamboo stalks for deeper layer of muscles using combinations of techniques to stimulate the layers of tissues to promote the circulation, sensory nerve perception to releases tightness & stressed muscles.

Lypossage/Cellulite Massage

Body Contouring Treatment also known as Cellulite Treatment is a manual therapy that has proven to reduce cellulite & inches lost with series of sessions. The treatment is composed of specific techniques to stimulate & circulate connective tissue & fluid retention.